Expat Mortgage Netherlands

Great, you are exploring the possibilities of buying a house in the Netherlands. Then you have come to the right place at The Financial Alliance (in Dutch De Financiële Alliantie, DFA)! We offer independent and reliable mortgage advice in the Netherlands on matters such as: calculating your maximum mortgage, applying for a mortgage at one of the 36 mortgage providers in the Netherlands, lowering, or transferring mortgage interest. We make sure your mortgage application will go smoothly and we will help you with any question that appear during the procedure and afterwards.

Our main goal is to help you get the mortgage that will make you get the house you’re interested in. Furthermore, we also help you with verything regarding your search and purchase of your new home. We can provide you with a real estate manager, a notary, a valuation report and all other things that are required in the process. We truly are your most trusted advisor. Once you’ve seen a house you like, give you a professional opinion about the neigberhood, the value and the renovations that need to be done, all based on information from our abundant professional contacts. As it comes to buying your house, we want to provide you with the best options, products and companies. As soon as you found your house and it has come to a purchase, we will also help you with things like checking the concept of the buying contract, notary documents and final invoice from the notary’s office. If you want, we can also accompany you to the notary’s office on the day of transfer.

How do we proceed?

1. We will visit you for a first meeting

Are you coming from abroad or currently renting? De Financiële Alliantie knows how to deal with all kinds of situations, such as buying your first home, a subsequent home or a second home, but also with a loan for a renovation or for making your home more sustainable. And for that our customers recommend us! This way we get a high score from them on Advieskeuze as you can see on the homepage. We come to you free of charge and without any obligation so you know what to expect when you start the search for your new home!

Duringthis first meeting, we explain how the Dutch mortgage system works and we will show you the maximum mortgage you can obtain, your intial costs and of course your monthly payments for such a mortgage. After that we will provide you with a real estate agent. Of course you can always call or text us any time you have any questions that come up.

2. We arrange a mortgage based on your personal wants and needs

After you have bought the house you like, we will check with you what kind of mortgage suits you best.  Questions be like “when will you get the key” or “how much of your savings do you want to put in your new home”. Going through these details we will finalize the application.

3. We complete the mortgage procedure for you

Getting a final approval on your mortgage application demands a lot of paperwork. We will help you with getting all these documents together. We check for example the employer statement, the buying contract, your savings etcetera. We want your process to go as smoothly as possible. Once all documents are complete, the mortgage provider will check your documents and will approve your mortgage application!

4. We will send all required documents to the notary’s office

After the mortgage provider has approved your mortgage application, we will ensure that all mandatory documents will be sent to the notary’s office. If needed, we will make sure a translator will be accompanying you to the notary to translate the documents as they are read to you. Of course, if you feel more secure going to the notary together, we can accompany you to make sure everything will be going as planned.

Obtaining a mortgage in the Netherlands may come to you as a bit overwhelming; The language, unfamiliar laws, rules and regulations and lots of paperwork can make it hard for you to make a start. Do you want us to help you through the entire process, taking you by the hand, without any obligations? Then you’ve come to the right place! We work totally independent from any mortgage provider, any real estate agent, any notary in order to get you the best deal from the best party.  And because you always have a dedicated advisor, you can always call or text and get the answers you need, almost 24/7. Even though you get your “own” advisor, we are with a large team of mortgage specialists. As a result, there is a lot of expertise and we have a solution for (almost) every situation.

If you are thinking about how and where to start your search, please contact us and we will come to you in person within 2 working days. Of course free of charge and without any obligation. Our team is available every day to help you directly with all your questions!